Step 1

furniture construction

Create the Table Base

Make the base for the legs to attach to and the suitcase to sit upon. Measure suitcase and then cut piece of plywood slightly smaller (about 2/3") than the suitcase.

Step 2

table leg

Attach the Legs

Place legs/spindles at the four corners of the plywood and place two L brackets on each leg, then screw them into place.

Step 3

Table adhesive

Add Trim Around the Base

Miter cut the trim to fit around the edge of the plywood. Measure inside to inside to get an accurate cut. Glue and nail the trim into place and into the legs to help stabilize them. Recess the nails using the nail punch.

Step 4

suitcase and table

Paint the Base

Paint or seal the legs and base (if old paint, follow lead rules). Fill nail holes with wood filler and paint over.

Step 5

Attach Suitcase to the Base

Stand the base up and place suitcase on top. Open the lid and screw the suitcase to the base using screws that will not punch through the width of the wood underneath.