How to Make a Stylish Storage Ottoman

Learn how to create stylish seating for the living room using thrift store storage cubes.


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Materials and Tools:

wooden cube
wood scraps
floor protectors
1/4" facing trim
wood glue
spray glue
thick foam
wood stain
table saw
chop saw
nail gun
staple gun
screw gun


1. Cut off the black fabric that covers the bottom of the cube.

2. Remove the black riser box from the bottom, and then set it aside.

3. Pull out all of the staples, and then remove any remaining fabric.

4. Flip the platform back upright, and then center the black riser that used to be on the bottom. Screw it into place using 1-1/4 inch screws.

5. Add floor protectors to the top of the cube, which will be the new bottom.

6. Flip the cube over again, and then measure the top surface. Subtract 1/2 inch from the length and width, and then mark it on a piece of plywood. This subtraction will accommodate 1/4 inch facing trim.

7. Cut the plywood using a table saw.

8. Cut 1/4 inch facing trim with mitered edges on a chop saw for the edges of the plywood tabletop.

9. Attach the trim to the plywood tabletop with wood glue and a nail gun.

10. Glue and nail small squares of scrap wood about 1/2 inch from the corner edges so that when facing inwards, the squares hold the tabletop in place.

11. Wrap fabric around the cube, making sure the seam falls at a corner.

12. Spray glue on the fabric and cube sides, and then staple the fabric to the new bottom.

13. Fold the top over, and then wrap the cube like a present.

14. Cut pieces of fabric for the inside of the cube.

15. Attach the fabric with spray glue, and then fold the edges under to give them a clean look.

16. Cut a piece of plywood the same size as the cube opening using a table saw.

17. Cut a piece of foam the same size as the plywood square, and then attach with spray glue.

18. Spray glue the foam and cover it with matching fabric. Fold the edges like a present again, and then staple the fabric to the underside of the plywood.

19. Stain the plywood table top, and then apply a polyurethane finish.

20. Center the new cushion on the plywood tabletop, and then screw it in place from the other side.

Project Cost:

Display pedestals: $30
Fabric, foam: $22
Stain, materials: $14

Total: $66

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