Looking for new lighting options?  Try this budget-friendly project and show off your DIY skills.

Step 1

Trace Circle to Ball

In order to be able to add a pendant kit to the sphere and to remove the rubber ball once it’s been deflated, you’ll need to create an access hole approximately 4” in diameter. Trace object directly to the surface of the ball using marker.

Step 2

Submerge Rope in Bowl of Glue

Fill mixing bowl approximately 1/3 full with decoupage glue. Protect your hands with rubber gloves. Unfurl spool of sisal rope, then slowly submerge it into the decoupage glue. Move the rope around, ensuring all sides are evenly covered.

Step 3

Wrap Rope Around Ball

Lay a drop cloth out on a flat, level surface. Next, wrap the ball with the wet, glue-covered rope, overlapping the rope randomly in several layers. As the ball is covered with rope, stay clear of the traced 4” circle. This needs to be left uncovered by rope for access inside of the sphere to add the pendant kit. Leave ball on drop cloth to dry for approximately 8 hours.

Step 4

Pop and Deflate Rubber Ball

Feel the rope to ensure the glue has hardened. Use 2” picture nail to pop the rubber ball. Deflate all air from the ball, then pull it out through the 4” hole.

Step 5

Add Pendant Kit

Attach the pendant kit to the sphere, then add the filament light bulb into its socket. Plug the kit into an electrical outlet or hardwire the kit to a junction box as needed.