Driftwood Star Hung on Front Porch With Craftsman Sconce

Driftwood Star Hung on Front Porch With Skis, Poles and Craftsman Sconce

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Susan Teare

Small pieces of driftwood were gathered on the shoreline then simply glued onto plywood. This easy, budget project only costs a few dollars to make — scrap plywood was used so the only expense was the hardware to hang up the star. We made two stars: One was painted silver and used as a holiday decoration and the other star was left natural and hung on the front porch (photo above).

Step 1

Tracing The Star Pattern Onto Plywood

Tracing the Star Pattern onto Plywood Using Metal Star

Create Pattern

Trace the pattern onto the plywood. We used a metal star for a template.

Step 2

Using Jigsaw To Cut Out Star Shape

Using Jigsaw to cut out Star Shape

Cut the Plywood

Use a jigsaw to cut out the shape.

Step 3

Creating an outline of the driftwood star

Creating an outline of the driftwood star

Create Outline

Adhere the outer layer of driftwood using hot glue; use flat pieces on the bottom. Let dry.

Step 4

Assembled Driftwood Star

Assembled Driftwood Star

Glue on Driftwood

Add more driftwood, using smaller pieces as you go to fill in the holes and build it up. Add more pieces to the edge if needed.

Step 5

Add Hanging Hardware

Screw the D-ring hook to the back of the plywood.

Step 6

Paint and Glitter

Spray with silver paint. Let dry. Spray with tacky spray and sprinkle on clear glitter (optional).

Pro Tip

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