How to Make a Punk Mummy Costume

Learn how to make a prize-worthy mummy costume that will draw attention at that special Halloween party.
Punk Mummy Costume

Punk Mummy Costume

Materials and Tools:

10-15 yds. muslin
(1) pair black thermal underwear
black cotton gloves
black ski cap
black craft paint
spray bottle
300+ safety pins
8" piece of string
plastic drop cloth (optional)


1. Wash muslin to remove any sizing and dry. Cut muslin into 2-yard lengths to make it easier to work with.

2. Mix 2 tablespoons of black craft paint for every 1.5 cups of water and fill spray bottle with mixture.

3. Prepare to "age" the muslin bandages by laying the 2-yard lengths outside on the grass or on top of a plastic drop cloth inside. Randomly spray all the muslin pieces with the solution, refilling the spray bottle as needed.
Note: Be careful not to cover the muslin with too much paint solution or it will turn a solid muddy grey, instead of the speckled aged look. Allow muslin to dry.

4. To create the mummy's "bandages" start by making notches with scissors every 2-3" on one short side of the muslin, then tear the strips all the way down lengthwise. This will give the bandages an old frayed look.

5. Once torn, lay the strips together and twist the bundle until it folds up on itself and tie with a string. Leave bandages in pleating bundle overnight. Repeat # 4 and 5 for each muslin piece.

6. Pin bandages on thermal underwear, gloves & hat. It's handy to have a friend wear the outfit while pinning. When one strip ends, simply pin another to the end and continue wrapping. This can be a long process, so try using just enough pins to get a general fit while it's on your friend, then later lay the pieces on a table and add more pins to really "punk out" your mummy. The more pins, the better!

7. While pinning, it's okay to leave some small areas blank, without bandages. You can also try leaving the last 3-5" of a few strategically placed bandages unpinned; like at an elbow or knee, and then fray them with the scissors. These spaces and tattered ends create character making your punk mummy all the more ghoulish.Happy Haunting!

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