Pin It Up

This cute message board has 101 uses, to name a few: display kid's artwork or your favorite photos, hang it in the mudroom and clip mittens to it, or hang it in the laundry room to hold missing-partner socks.

Step 1

Create the Shape of the Sunburst

Gather your tools and materials. Using a small plate as your guide, trace a circle on a piece of cardboard.

Step 2


Cut the Shape

Cut out the cardboard circle.

Step 3


Trace on Fabric

Trace the shape on the back side of the fabric, using the cardboard as your guide.

Step 4


Cut Outside the Lines

Cut at least one half-inch beyond the outline on the fabric.

Step 5


Glue the Fabric

Place the cardboard circle in the middle of the upside-down fabric. Using a hot glue gun, fold the extra fabric onto the back and glue into place.

Step 6


Painted Pins

Paint each wooden clip inside and out except on the back where it will be glued to the fabric.

Step 7


Position the Pins

Flip the fabric-covered circle over and space the pins around the edge. The clip should be facing out with half the pin touching the fabric

Step 8


Glue the Pins

Apply glue down the center of the back of the pin. Only cover half the pin with glue, and then press firmly in place.

Step 9


Add a Ribbon

Glue a knotted ribbon to the top pin, which will allow the frame to be hung.

Step 10


Finished Product

Hang the sunburst photo display. It's great for a kid's bedroom since the clothespins make it easy for them to change out what they want to display.