We found an old office chair at a secondhand store. After cleaning it up, we removed the legs and added pads to the bottom so the chair would sit on the floor. Then we made a machine-washable slipcover and personalized it with the owner's name. This project required no power tools and cost very little money.

Step 1


Prep the Chair

Remove the metal legs from the chair.

Step 2


Add Furniture Pads

To make the chair stable and to protect your floor, add furniture pads to the bottom of the chair. If they are not self-adhesive, attach them with hot glue. Place larger pads at four corners and the four smaller ones (two on top of each other) toward the front to prevent the chair from tilting.

Step 3


Create the Slipcover

Turn the chair back over and lay a blanket on top; start cutting the pieces to make the slipcover. Begin with the back and sides, leave the seat for later. Be sure to leave extra room when you cut — it is easier to cut off the extra fabric later.

Step 4

Stitch the Side and Back Pieces Together

Pin the pieces together and use embroidery thread to stitch the pieces together. We used a cross pattern to get a rustic look.

Step 5


Tie Extra Fabric in the Back

Stitch two ties on the back to pull the back fabric together and make a bow.

Step 6


Personalize the Chair

On the felt, draw and cut out letters to spell out your pet's name. Use a hot-glue gun to adhere the letters onto the slipcover. Make sure to get all the edges.

Step 7


Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Susan Teare, Susan Teare

Make Sure It's All Secure

Tuck the bottom of the slipcover underneath the chair, if necessary; use hook-and-loop tape on the underside of the chair to hold the slipcover in place.