Step 1

tiled table smash tiles

Break Tiles

Break tiles into manageable pieces with a hammer. Be sure to smash the underside of the tile so you do not scratch the surface.

Step 2

tiled table sort tiles

Sort Tiles

Sort and arrange preferred tiles before spreading mastic on the table.

Step 3

Spread Adhesive and Set Tiles

Using a 3/16” trowel, spread mastic on the table, working in small sections to prevent drying, and begin arranging tiles (Image 1). Be sure to apply a little pressure to set the tiles. Use tile nippers to trim tiles to fit as needed (Image 2).

Step 4

tiled table grout

Apply Grout and Epoxy

After allowing the tiles to set and dry, spread grout between the tiles, and wipe of excess grout with a sponge. Allow the tiles to dry for 24 hours and then mix and pour epoxy over the entire tabletop. Allow to set for another 24 hours.