Step 1


Play With Scale and Proportion

The key to creating a well-balanced grouping of tabletop topiaries is to ensure a proper mix of heights. Groupings of odd numbers work best in regard to proper spacing (three and five being the most common numbers), and are best arranged with a mix of tall-, medium- and low-sized candleholders. When choosing foam floral spheres, use a mix of diameters slightly ranging in size. TIP: A great combination of sphere sizes that works well is 4”, 6” and 8”.

Step 2


Spray-Paint Candleholders

To create cohesiveness between the lollipops and the candleholders, update the candleholders with spray paint. Choose a color found in the wrappers of the lollipops. In a well-ventilated area, apply spray paint to candleholders, moving back and forth approximately 8” from the surface in controlled, even spurts.

Pro Tip

Matching the colors exactly creates strong graphic impact while layering different shades within the same color family adds visual depth.

Step 3


Sort by Color

To ensure each floral foam sphere is covered with an even mix of colored wrappers, sort colors into individual groups.

Step 4


Create Color Bundles

While random placement is key to creating a well-balanced lollipop topiary, it’s best not to have two of the same colors placed directly against one another. Start with a color bundle made up of all featured colors placed in the center of the sphere. This grouping will work as the template for layering colors, helping avoid two colors placed directly against one another.

Step 5


Insert Lollipops in Quadrants

Working from the initial color bundle outward, complete the insertion of all lollipops into the floral foam spheres, ensuring the proper mix of colors. Once completely covered with lollipops, place sphere atop candleholder.