How to Make a Linked Vellum Floor Lamp

Add a burst of color to a room by making this linked vellum floor lamp.


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Materials and Tools:

lamp stand
metal lampshade form
colored vellum
spray adhesive
1/8" hole punch
Mylar or unmarked quilter's heat-resistant templates
jump rings
1" binder rings


1. Determine the best size for the Mylar squares by gauging the circumference of the lampshade form. The lamp shade shown had a 38-inch circumference, 4" x 6" rectangles were used.

2. Once the size of the Mylar rectangles is determined, cut the same size rectangles from quilter's heat-resistant templates.

3. Coat vellum sheets with spray adhesive and cover with pre-cut quilter's heat-resistant templates. Press out any air bubbles and cut each rectangle from the vellum.

4. Mark a hole 1/4-inch in from the edge, centered, on each side of each colored rectangle piece. Punch holes with hole punch.

5. Once all squares have been punched, it's time to link them together. Begin by assembling one vertical row at a time. It's easier to put the lampshade ring in place on the lamp and work from there.

6. Use jump rings to affix the first (top) row of colored rectangles to the metal lampshade ring. Clamp tightly so the colored rectangles hide the metal ring.

7. For the second colored square (second down from the top), loop a one-inch binder ring through the hole at the bottom of the first rectangle and the top of the second. Make sure to hide the hinge on the inside of the lampshade so it won't be seen. Continue to link seven more squares until that vertical row is complete.

8. Begin the next row as you did in step 6, and continue all the way around the circumference of the lamp.

9. To finish, link the vertical rows to one another horizontally by placing one-inch binder rings in the holes on both sides of the rectangle.

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