Step 1


Add Hole to Bottom of Basket

Use a drill and paddle bit to make a 1-1/2" hole to the bottom of the basket. If you decide on a plug-in application rather than a hardwire application, this will allow proper width for a plug to fit through the hole, then plug into an outlet.

Step 2


Strip Part of Wire Coating

Spaced about two inches from the pendant kit socket, cut through the white wire coating with multipurpose wire strippers.

Step 3


Strip Ends of Wire

Use multipurpose wire strippers to cut away wire coating to expose wires.

Step 4


Insert Wire into Conduit

Slide exposed wire through galvanized metal conduit and ceiling canopy.

Step 5


Slide Cut Socket and Wire Through Basket

Insert cut socket and wire up into basket.

Step 6


Reconnect Wires

Use butt splices and multipurpose wire strippers to attach the socket portion and the long coated wire portion of the pendant kit together.

Step 7


Wrap Wires with Electrical Tape

Use electrical tape to hold the two portions of the wire kit firmly together.

Step 8


Bind End of Rope

Unfurl rope from spool, then use a hot-glue gun to bind the end.

Step 9


Wrap Conduit With Rope

Cover galvanized metal conduit and canopy with rope using hot-glue gun and glue sticks. Because there is a pre-drilled screw hole in ceiling canopy, it’s best to wrap the canopy with rope after it’s been installed to the ceiling.

Step 10


Add Lightbulb

Screw light bulb into socket. 

Pro Tip

For a diffused look, consider adding a ready-made diffuser to the opening of the basket using finish screws and a drill. A do-it-yourself version can be made from a 24" x 24” sheet of acrylic cut with a jigsaw, then lightly sanded with fine-grit sandpaper.