Step 1


Adapt for Plug-In Use

There are two methods for electrifying a repurposed tub or bucket: plug-in or hard-wire. Hard-wire is the best fit for interior use, but it also requires long-term commitment. Plug-in allows the pendant to be used in several locations either temporarily or long-term. For plug-in electrification, loosen screws inside of the plug, expose positive and negative wires using wire strippers, wrap wires around screws, then tighten with screwdriver.

Step 2


Add Center Hole in Tub or Bucket

Use drill and 1/2” drill bit to add a small hole in center of tub or bucket. Next, with the tub or bucket turned upside down, hold the plug end of the lamp wire in hand, fish the raw end of the lamp wire through the hole and down inside the bucket.

Step 3


Attach Wire to Socket

Loosen nuts and washers of socket. Expose positive and negative wires with wire strippers, then wrap wires around screws and tighten in place with a screwdriver.

Step 4


Insert Socket Along the Top of the Bucket

Once the wires are connected inside of socket, insert the attached bolt up through the central hole of the tub or bucket.

Step 5


Secure Socket

Secure the socket to the tub or bucket by tightening the nut around the bolt along the outside.

Step 6


Add Holes for Ropes

Using drill and step bit, add four 1” holes evenly spaced through the top of the tub or bucket.

Step 7


Pull First Strand of Rope Through Hole

Turn tub or bucket over, then proceed in pulling the rope through the hole, creating approximately 6 inches of slack on the rope.

Step 8


Add Baling Wire Inside

In order to keep each rope secure inside of the tub or bucket, wrap the end of rope with baling wire approximately 3 inches up from the tip. The thick, long baling wire will reinforce the edge of the rope and keep it held firmly in place. Baling wire will be added to all four ropes.

Step 9


Unfurl First Strand of Rope

Turn the tub or bucket over, then unfurl the rope sitting above the top.

Step 10


Intertwine Lamp Wire

Intertwine the lamp wire with the unfurled rope. This will keep the wire hidden from view once the pendant is hung up.

Step 11


Add Baling Wire on the Outside

Secure the first rope and the lamp wire in place by wrapping the rope with baling wire. Pull the opposite end of first rope across the top of the tub or bucket, then secure with baling wire. Repeat the process for the second strand of rope. Secure pendant to a ceiling surface with heavyweight hooks or hook eyes.

Step 12


The galvanized buckets and rope pendants can stay outside all summer; just be sure to unplug when not in use.