Step 1


Measure Drawer Space

Measure the size of the drawer inside the cabinet that will contain the humidor. Based on the previous measurements, cut four matching sheets of MDF to serve as the drawer sides and back. Drop the table saw blade down to half the width of the cut sheets of MDF, and run the two sheets of MDF over the saw to make a groove for the bottom panels to slide into.

Step 2


Add Veneer to MDF

Glue a piece of Spanish cedar veneer to the the pieces of MDF that will be the inside of the drawers. Use a handheld router to trim off any excess veneer. Run a bead of glue along the sides of the MDF sheets and attach them to the back sheet to create the frame of the drawer.

Step 3


Make Cigar Shelves

To make the shelves for the cigars to sit on, first cut out as many slats of MDF as will fit inside the drawer and set aside. Make a 90-degree jig out of scrap wood to hold your work in place. Cut out two” spacers (double the amount of the slats previously cut) out of scrap MDF. Line up the first slat with the top of the jig and place a two” spacer a few inches down from the top of the slat and another one a few inches from the bottom of the slat. Place another slat next to the first and then place two more spacers. Repeat the process with seven more slats.

Step 4

Attach Shelves

Put a dab of glue on a couple of the slats that have the spacers between them and then put a horizontal slat at the top. Use a nailer to further secure. Repeat step to affix the bottom horizontal slat and complete the rack. Place in the bottom of the drawer.

Step 5


Attach Humidifier

Attach the humidifier to the top edge of one side of the drawer and set it at 70 percent. Follow the same procedure on the other side of the drawer with the hydrometer.

Step 6

Attach Piano Hinge

Attach a piano hinge to the top of the drawer and attach the last sheet of MDF to the hinge.