Reclaimed and Reuse

We joined three reclaimed shutters with some new lumber to create this unique headboard. Scour consignment and salvage shops to find old shutters. The shutters we used are 10” x 64”. You may need to adjust the size depending on the size of your shutters and the size of your bed. We made our headboard for a full-size bed, so our finished dimensions are 33-1/2” high x 59” wide x 2-1/4” deep.

Step 1


Determine Size

Along with shutters, we had to purchase (2) 1x6 x 6’ and (2) 1x8 x 6’ to make our headboard. Here is our cut list: (1) long shutter at 1-1/2” x 10” x 33-1/2”; (2) short shutters at 1-1/2" x 10” x 32” ; (2) long filler boards at 3/4" x 7-1/4” x 33-1/2”; (2) short filler boards at 3/4" x 7-1/4” x 32”; (1) headboard cleat at 3/4" x 3-1/16”* x 59”; (1) wall cleat at 3/4" x 3-1/16”* x 59”; (1) offset board at 3/4" x 5-1/2” x 59”. (*the widest face)

Step 2


Create the Long Shutter

Mark one shutter at 33-1/2”. Remove hardware that may be in the path of this line. Use a miter saw if it is wide enough to accommodate the shutter’s width. Otherwise, use a circular saw with a straightedge. Be sure to clamp the shutter in place while cutting. If the shutter is long enough, mark the remaining portion of this shutter at 31” and cut. Mark another shutter at 31” and cut to create the two shorter shutters.

Step 3


Prepare the Filler Boards

Cut the long filler boards and short filler boards to length per the cut list.

Step 4


Cut the Corners

Use a compass to mark a 1-1/2” radius on one corner of one of the filler boards. Use a jigsaw to cut out the arc. Sand the rough edges smooth.

Step 5


Cut Corners on Remaining Boards

Use the board with the cut corner as a template to mark the radius on one side of the remaining filler boards. Cut the corners on those remaining boards.

Step 6


Layout and Measure

Position the filler boards and shutters flush against each other and measure the width. This will be the length of the offset board and wall cleats. Position the two short filler boards with the edges flush so that the arcs are on the outside top corner. Position the two long filler boards likewise.

Step 7


Stain the Filler Boards

Apply pre-stain conditioner and stain to the face of the boards. Stain the edges and ends as well. When it is dry, apply a coat of polyurethane.

Step 8


Make the Cleat Pieces

Determine the length of the cleat and cut it to size. It should be about the same size as the offset (back) board. Mark a centerline across the end of a 1x6 and then draw a 45-degree angle that bisects this center point. Set the blade on your table saw to 45 degrees and rip the 1x6 to create the headboard cleat and wall cleat.

Step 9


Assemble the Headboard

Position the offset (back) board flush against a straightedge. Position the headboard cleat parallel to the offset board. Lay the shutters and the filler boards perpendicular to the cleat and offset board. Adjust until the placement is just how you want it. Clamp into place.

Step 10


Fasten Pieces to Offset Board

Start with one of the shorter filler boards, and attach it to the offset board using glue and at least four #17 x 1-1/4” wire brads (make sure it is flush with the straightedge and the offset board).

Step 11


Attach Shutter Piece to Offset Board

Position one of the short shutters flush against this board and attach it to the offset board using four 2” screws. Position a long filler board flush against this shutter and attach it to the offset board using four more 1-1/4” wire brads. Position the long shutter flush against the long filler board and attach it to the offset board using four 2” screws. Repeat the steps in reverse (long filler board, short shutter, short filler) attaching the parts in the same manner.

Step 12


Attach Panels to Cleat

Double check the position of the headboard cleat. Use a square to keep the board in line and clamp in place. Attach the filler boards and shutters to the cleat in the same matter as they were attached to the offset board.

Step 13


Fasten the Cleat to the Wall

Position the headboard assembly in the desired location, flush against the wall to which you plan to install it. Place the wall cleat flush underneath and against the headboard cleat. Mark the position of the wall cleat. Use a level to square the cleat and attach it to the studs in the wall using 3-1/2” screws. (The drywall is transparent in this illustration to show the position of the studs).

Step 14


How the Cleat Works

This illustration shows how cleat piece on the headboard fits into the wall piece.

Step 15

White Bed With Black & Orange Headboard

Custom Black & Orange Shutter Headboard

Complete Shutter Headboard

In the end, you will have a stylish headboard made out of reclaimed and new materials.