This photo-frame headboard will allow you to easily change the theme or look of your room.  Just swap out the photo with new artwork; try displaying children's paintings, vintage maps or original paintings.

Step 1

Determine Size

Determine the size of your headboard.

Use different species of wood in various widths to get a varied look.  Cut the wood to lengths that are almost the same in height. Sand and clean.

Step 2


Lay Out Vertical Pieces

Randomly layout the pieces of wood until you reach your desired width for the headboard.

Step 3


Lay Out Horizontal Pieces

We used one long board across the top, two vertical pieces for the side of the artwork,   and two smaller horizontal pieces – one for the bottom of the frame and one to serve as support on the bottom of the headboard.  

Step 4



Line the headboard pieces in order face down on top of the frame pieces. Screw the headboard pieces onto the horizontal frame pieces. Be sure to use screws that will not come through the front of the frame pieces. Double check that the headboard pieces are straight and level before fastening them down.

Step 5


Add Art Frame and Finish

Flip the pieces over so the headboard is face up.  Double check the measurements for your artwork then flip the headboard back over and fasten the two vertical side piece. Make sure to have a tight fit for the artwork, but not too tight that it won't slide underneath the two pieces.

Varnish the whole piece. Let dry then repeat. Then let dry for a few days. 

Step 6


Use stud finder to screw headboard into the wall (or place on legs). You can screw it inside the artwork frame and then place the picture over it so you don't see the screws.