This project is easy and inexpensive and certainly one in which the kids can help.  We took a thrift-store frame, wrapped the inside with yarn and cotton to make it look like a spider web. Then spiders and a "welcome" message were hung within the webbing.

Step 1


Paint Frame

Paint the frame black and let it dry.

Step 2


Nail and Pad the Back

On the back of the frame, along the edge, hammer in the small wire nails. Insert the nails so only about a 1/4" is sticking out of the frame.  

Place the felt pads on the back of the frame along the corners so the nails will not scratch the house or door.

Step 3


Create the Web

Wrap the yarn on the wires going back and forth across the frame in a random pattern. Tie off the yarn periodically.

Step 4


Add Cobwebs

Behind the yarn, stretch out some of the white cotton material along the same nails.

Step 5


Place Your Message

Place the letters in a random pattern onto the yarn, close enough together so you can read the word "welcome". We used self-adhesive, store-bought letters, but you can print out your own message on sticky paper.

Step 6


Add Spiders

Place the spiders along the front and tuck into the yarn and webbing.