Step 1

Create Your Design

Determine the size of your headboard before you go shopping for the doors. You’ll want to make sure that the doors you purchase equal the overall width you need. If you can’t find an old set of doors to repurpose, buy new hollow-core doors, they are an affordable alternative.

Step 2


Cut Brace Pieces

Cut three 1x4 pine boards slightly smaller than the width of the headboard. Or have the hardware store cut the wood for you.

Step 3


Join the Doors

Attach the two doors by fastening the braces horizontally along the back using 1-1/2” wood screws.

Step 4


Paint the Doors

We painted our doors a gray-green, a color that is indicative to the French-Provincial style.

Step 5


Add Architectural Interest

Give the door a distinctive look by adding decorative moldings. If you can’t find molding at a resale shop, try the hardware store, or look online to find a slew of options. Use wood glue to adhere the moldings to the doors.

Step 6


Clamp Down the Molding

After gluing the decorative moldings, it’s a good idea to clamp them down to ensure that they adhere properly and dry nice and flat.

Step 7


Paint It To Match, Or Not

We painted our molding the same color as the doors and antiqued it to add character. If you wish the molding to stand out more, try painting it a different color than the doors.