Step 1


Create the Layout

Cut the copper piping to the size you want. If you want to put more lights — about five — make it longer. We are doing a three-light fixture, so we cut it to about two feet. Determine where you want to place the glass shades — even, varied, etc. (varied is easier). Drill the holes in the pipe where the fixtures will come out, then drill a hole in the back near where the wire is going to connect to the ceiling.

Step 2


Run Wire Through Frame

You will use one wire for all the fixtures. The first one will have one wire coming up, the second and third will have two (because it will be folded). If you use a different wire for each fixture you will need a different type of junction box. Follow manufacturer's instructions for all lighting kits.

Thread the wire through the pipe with the end of the wire hanging out where the last light shade will be attached. Thread the wire through the next hole and come back up through that hole (creating two wires with a bend) and then the same for the next hole. Finish by coming out of the hole in the back — leave enough wire to get to the ceiling junction box or plug.

Step 3


Attach Fixtures

For the holes that have two wires (with the bend), cut and twist the silver and the gold together to form one each for the socket. Make sure to place the washer on before you attach to socket — the washer keeps the socket from sliding through the glass shade hole.

Attach wires to socket according to the manufacturer's instructions. It should be similar to this: Strip both ends of the socket wires. Connect the neutral wire — the one with the ridge in its insulation — to the silver socket terminal and the other wire to the brass socket terminal. Place the socket in the lamp, feeding the wire through the socket cap. Reinstall the socket's insulating sleeve and shell, pushing on the shell until it snaps into place. Add a small round light bulb.

Step 4


Attach to the Junction Box

Attach wire to the junction box in ceiling or into a wall plug. Twist the electrical cord's neutral wire together with the neutral wires from each socket, and the cord's unridged wire with the unridged wires from each socket. Secure each connection with a wire cap and electrical tape.

Use the copper wiring to wrap around the glass shade and the copper piping for extra support.

Step 5


Photo By: Susan Teare

Susan Teare


Use copper wiring to hang fixture to ceiling hooks or use curtain rods if coming off a wall. Adjust copper wiring if necessary.