Maybe Now They Won't Leave Their Clothes on the Floor

Building blocks are one of the most popular toys available, and if you’ve got kids you probably have more than one set of blocks. Instead of storing or giving away your extra set of blocks, use them to build this cute hat rack for your growing kids.

Step 1


Drill the First Block

A drill press will make this job much easier because you need to make sure the hole goes straight down and not at an angle or else your blocks won’t line up correctly. But we used a small table vise and a cordless drill, which worked out great.

Step 2


Repeat for All Blocks

Drill enough blocks to accommodate the desired height of your hack rack. We used 18 blocks.

Step 3


Peg Holder

To make the top of the hat rack, bore a hole the size of the big dowel into the bottom of the rectangular block. Switch out drill bits and make the four holes — one on each side — for the hat rack pegs. Drill those holes at about a 45-degree angle.

Step 4


Add Pegs

Cut the 7/16” dowel into four 5” pegs. If desired, paint the pegs and allow them to dry. Apply a little wood glue to the end of each peg and insert them into the holes of the wood block.

Step 5


Slide on Blocks

Slide the blocks onto the dowel. Our 18 blocks took up 30 inches of dowel space. We determined how much more dowel we’ll need for the base then cut off the excess.

Step 6


Prep the Base

Clean, sand or paint the base of the hat rack.

Step 7


Attach Base

Drill a pilot hole into the bottom end of the dowel to accommodate a wood screw. Drill another pilot hole through the bottom of the base. Insert the dowel into the base and fasten with a wood screw. Add a little dab of wood glue to make sure it stays seated on the base.

Step 8


Hang Your Hat

This project not only recycles an old set of blocks, but we also reused an old lamp for the base. You can use the base from any small piece of furniture or make a base from a square or round piece of pine.