Step 1


Attach Boards

Frame out the perimeter of the wall with your pine planks, using 1x8 boards for the two outside vertical pieces and 1x4 boards for the horizontal runs. Apply regular construction adhesive to glue boards to the wall and nail them in place.

Step 2


Attach Vertical Pieces

Use additional 1x8 boards to cut three more vertical pieces so they fit between the horizontal runs. Glue them into place, being sure to space them evenly apart, and toenail them at the corners into the horizontal runs to avoid the presence of visible nails where possible.

Step 3


Measure Copper Sheet

Place your copper sheet face down on your work table. Measure out the sizes of each "window" you've just created onto your copper sheet. Mark out the shape of the window with a felt-tip marker.

Step 4


Cut Copper Sheet

Cut along the lines you've just marked with a pair of tin snips. Be sure to wear work gloves when working with this copper.

Step 5


Smooth Sharp Corners

Use the metal file to smooth off sharp corners or burs caused by cutting.

Step 6


Apply Construction Adhesive

Apply the heavy-duty construction adhesive in large globs to the back of the copper pieces. Apply a greater amount of glue to any craters or valleys in the piece. You may need more than one tube of construction adhesive per piece.

Step 7


Attach Copper Sheet to Wall

Press the copper firmly to the wall in the "window" created by the wood framing. Press harder and hold for a few seconds in any areas that are raised off of the wall.

Step 8

Attach Remaining Copper Pieces

Repeat the process for the other three pieces of copper in the other three "windows." Let them dry for at least 24 hours before doing any other work around the wall.