Step 1

DIY Curtain Rod

Determine Curtain Rod Length

To determine how long your curtain rod needs to be, measure the interior width of the window and add four inches to the overall measurement.

Step 2

  • DIY Curtain Rod
  • DIY Curtain Rod

DIY Curtain Rod

DIY Curtain Rod

Determine Bracket Placement

We decided to place our curtain rod 1-1/2” outside of the window on each side.  This placement will ensure there will be no gap between the curtain and the window.

Also, determine the vertical placement of the brackets.  This will likely depend on length of your curtains.  Hanging the brackets above the window can make the window appear larger than it is.

Step 3

DIY Curtain Rod

Place Bracket Screw Holes

Place the bracket on the right side over the center of the mark.  Using a level and a pencil, mark the holes where the screws will go.

Step 4

Drill and Secure Brackets

Pre-drill holes for the screws using a 1/8” bit. Insert the screws into the pre-drilled holes, stopping about 1/4” away from the surface of the window frame. Slide the bracket onto the screws. Tighten the screws to secure the bracket to the window frame.

Step 5

DIY Curtain Rod

Level and Secure Other Bracket

Place the rod into the right-side bracket and use a level to determine the placement of the left side bracket.  Align the bracket over the center of the 1-1/2” mark you made earlier. Use a pencil to mark the holes where the screws will go.  Remove the rod, and repeat steps 4 to secure the left-side bracket to the frame.   

Step 6

DIY Curtain Rod

Hang Curtains

Slide the drapery panels on to the curtain rod.

Step 7

Secure Curtain Rod

Hang the rod on to the brackets. Secure the rod to the brackets by tightening the set-screw on the back side of each bracket.