Step 1

Scrape the Wall, and Hang the Paper

Scrape off any elevated spots on the wall (Image 1). Use a cloth to wipe off any debris.

Dip the paper into the water tray.

Hang the paper in place (Image 2), using a plumb line to ensure that it's straight.

Step 2

seam roller presses seams between wallpaper sheets

Photo By: Cary Wiedman

Cary Wiedman

Eliminate Air Bubbles, and Press the Seams

Use a soft brush to eliminate any air bubbles under the paper and to make sure the paper is tight in corners.

Use a small seam roller to press out the seams between sheets of wallpaper.

Step 3

paint scraper guides razor knife to cut excess

Photo By: Cary Wiedman

Cary Wiedman

Cut off Excess

Cut away any excess wallpaper with a razor knife, using the paint scraper as a fence to guide your cutting.