Headboards can be hard to make. Not this one. If you’re not comfortable cutting wood, or don’t have the tools, have the hardware store cut the wood to size.

Step 1


Double Check the Measurements

Lay the rug out flat and measure it to get the exact dimensions. Don’t rely on rug’s tag; it may only be an estimate.

Step 2


Measure and Cut the Frame's Horizontal Pieces

Lay the 1x8 x 8' next to the long side of the rug then mark the length of the rug onto the board. Cut the board at this mark. Mark the center point of board or draw a line down through the middle.  Split the 1x8 down the middle lengthwise. (If you don't have a table saw or circular saw, buy two 1x4 x 8' so dont have to rip the board lengthwise.)

Step 3


Measure and Cut the Frame’s Vertical Pieces

Lay the two horizontal pieces parallel, spaced apart to match the rug's height. Place a 1x4 x 6' at the edge of one of the long frame pieces. Then on the other side, lay it on top of the other piece. Use a framing square and a measuring tape to ensure the vertical piece will fit perfectly in between the two horizontal pieces. Mark the exact length of the vertical piece with a pencil and cut it using a chop saw. Cut the remaining five pieces to the same length. At this point, you should have a rectangle frame with three middle support pieces. 

Step 4


Attach Frame

Lay the outer frame pieces together. Use a pencil or pin to mark the holes in the corner bracket and pre-drill the holes then insert the screws.

Step 5


Add Center Supports

Toe-nail screw the middle brackets to the outer frame.

Step 6


Frame Complete

Your frame should now look like this. Hold the frame up to the wall where it will hang. Determine where the wall studs are and mark their corresponding placement on the frame. When hanging the headboard, you'll want to make sure it will be screwed into wall studs. 

Step 7


Paint the Edges

Paint the outer edge of the frame a color that complements your rug. Apply two coats if necessary. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 8


Secure Frame to Wall

Locate the wall studs, and then use 2-1/2” wood screws to attach the headboard to the wall. Use a level to make sure it is sitting straight. 

Step 9


Insert the Last Tacks

Add the final few tacks to the rug to cover the screws.