Step 1

Apply first coats of paint

The inside of the dresser drawers are taped off to protect them and ensure clean paint lines. With very little paint on the brush, one coat of Sandy Brown paint is applied to the wood (the first layer should look splotchy when complete) followed by one coat of Kensington Green.

Step 2

apply third coat of paint and glaze

Apply third coat of paint and glaze

A coat of Elephant Tusk is brushed over the first two layers and immediately followed by a coat of clear glaze. Both the paint and the glaze are worked into the grooves and corners of the dresser. Brushing the paint on first, then blending it with clear glaze adds texture and softens the layers.

Step 3

add metallic finish

Add the metallic finish

Clear glaze is mixed with Metallic Pale Gold latex paint, brushed over the dresser and partially wiped off with a circular motion and paper towels. Metallic paints and glaze both have protective agents so there is no need to varnish.