We turned plain glass jars into wonderful hostess gifts. Frosted paint was used to create a design on the jars, then the jars were embellished with ribbons and fresh greens.

Step 1

Create Designs

Use painter's tape to create patterns, like stripes, squares or letters, on the glass jars.

Step 2

Recycled Glass Jars Decorated With Frosted Paint

Recycled Glass Jars Decorated With Frosted Paint

Paint the Jars

In a well-ventilated area, spray jars with the frosted spray paint and let dry. Apply a second coat of paint. Remove painter's tape once the paint has dried.

Step 3

Glass Jar Vase With Polka Dot Ribbon And Cut Flowers

Painted Glass jar Vase With Green and White Polka Dot Ribbon and cut Flowers

Wrap It in Ribbon

Cut ribbon to fit around jars with enough to make a bow. Glue ribbon around the top of the jar. Layer on a second ribbon and make a bow.

Step 4

Recycled Glass Jar With Holiday Greenery

Adding Greenery to Recycled Glass Jar Holiday Decoration

Add Greenery

Cut the flowers, red berries and pine boughs, and add them to the jars.

Step 5

Finished Recycled Glass Jars

Finished Recycled Glass Jars Decorated With Frosted Paint, Ribbon and Holiday Greens

Photo By: Susan Teare View original photo.

Susan Teare

Finishing Touches

Add the clear marbles to the jars, then add water around the stems of the flowers.