How to Decorate Paper Lanterns for Halloween

Light up your Halloween party with paper lanterns decked out in spiders, bugs and creepy crawlies.
Paper Lanterns for Halloween

Paper Lanterns for Halloween

What child or adult wouldn't love a spider-spooky China Ball Lantern?

Materials and Tools: 

round paper lantern
black paper or card stock
small black brads
scissors or craft knife
small hole punch (optional)
red tissue paper and tape (optional)
hanging bulb style lamp fixture
fabric (optional)
sewing machine (optional)


  1. Cut out several spooky shapes from black paper or cardstock with scissors or a craft knife. Our cutouts were of things like rats and mice, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies.

  2. For the red accent on the black widow, cut an hourglass shape out of the spider's abdomen area and tape a piece of red tissue paper over the cutout on the back side.

  3. Punch a small hole in each shape with a hole punch or cut a hole with scissors or a craft knife.

  4. Slip the legs of a brad through the hole and attach the cutout to the outside of the lantern by poking the brad through the paper lantern and separating the legs of the brad.

  5. Insert a hanging bulb style fixture.

  6. To disguise the cord, sew a tube of fabric at least two times as long as the lamps cord. Insert the cord and bunch the fabric together.
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