Measure and Cut the Bed Frame

Our bed frame was built to fit around a queen-size metal bed frame, adjust the size accordingly for your bed. Our lumber needs included five 2x6s at 8 feet, one 2x4 at 12 feet, and four 2x12s at 8 feet.

The 2x12x8 lumber will be used for the bed frame. Cut two pieces at 77 inches for the head and foot of the bed. Then cut two pieces at 86 inches for the sides.

Step 1

Measure and Cut the Headboard

From the 2x6x8 lumber, cut five pieces at 77 inches. From the 2x4x12, cut three pieces at 42 inches.

Step 2

Sand and Stain

Sand all cut edges. Clean off the dust and debris. Using a rag, apply stain with the grain of the wood. Based on desired shade, apply one or more coats. Let dry after each coat.

Step 3

Distress the Wood

This step is optional. Use chains, rocks or strike the wood with hard objects to create an aged look.

Step 4

Apply Polyurethane

For a clear gloss look, apply polyurethane with a paintbrush. Let dry completely.

Step 5


Assemble the Headboard

Line up the five pieces of 2x6s facedown. Lay the 2x4s perpendicular to the 2x6s – place one in the middle and the other two about 2 feet away from the center on each side. The 2x4s should hang down below the headboard, these will be used to attach the headboard to the frame. Use 2-1/2” deck screws to attach the 2x4s to the 2x6s.

Step 6


Attach Brackets to Bed Frame

Using 1-1/4" screws, attach the corner brackets to the inner ends of the header and footer of the bed frame. Use a scrap piece of 2x6 to make sure the bracket is even and will line up correctly when the side pieces are fastened on.

Step 7

Attach Headboard to Bed Frame

Bring all the pieces into the room. Mark and drill holes for mounting the headboard to the head piece of the bed frame. Attach the headboard to the frame using carriage bolts, hex nuts and lock washers.

Step 8

Assemble Bed Frame

Attach side pieces of the bed frame to header and footer boards. Use 1-1/4” deck screws to screw through the corner brackets.