Step 1

Measure Bench and Shelving Areas

Measure the height and width of the window bench and shelving areas (Image 1). For the shelving, measure the material for the sides of the unit and the shelves themselves (Image 2).

Step 2


Cut Pieces

Using a piece of scrap wood as a guide, cut the shelving pieces with a circular saw. Wear a mask if you're working with medium density fiberboard.

Step 3


Measure Shelves

Lay out the vertical pieces and measure where you want the shelves to sit in the unit.

Step 4


Pre-Drill Shelving Unit Pieces

Pre-drill the vertical sides and the shelves for the screws.

Step 5


Assemble Shelving Unit

Assemble the shelving unit using wood glue and trim head screws.

Step 6


Smooth Rough Edges

Use a hand sander to smooth down the rough edges. Set your shelving units aside.

Step 7


Measure and Cut Bench Frame

Measure the bench frame area. Cut 2x4 boards with a miter saw to create the frame.

Step 8

Install Bench Frame

Remove any existing baseboard trim. Install the lengths along the wall using 2-1/2-inch screws (Image 1). Attach the shorter pieces of 2x4 boards to create the outline of the frame (Image 2).

Step 9

Attach Bench Skin

Measure the frame and use a circular saw to cut plywood pieces to create the skin (Image 1). Attach the skin with wood screws, and work your way around the frame (Image 2).

Step 10


Measure for Storage Door

Place the top piece into position, then measure for a top storage door.

Step 11

Attach Storage Door

Cut the door with a circular saw and a hand saw (Image 1). Using 1/2-inch wood screws, attach a piano hinge to the door and the top piece of the bench (Image 2).

Step 12

Add Paint and Trim

Attach trim around the bench with glue and finishing nails (Image 1). Finish it with paint and crown molding (Image 2).