Step 1


Gather Pallets

Gather two to three wood shipping pallets from local retailers or salvage yards. It’s best to find at least one that’s completely intact to use as the base of the lemonade stand whereas the others will be cut up to create the structure.

Step 2


Dismantle the Pallets

Leave one pallet intact to use as the base. Use a crowbar to dismantle the wood slats and structural supports from the other pallets. Remove any rusty nails.

Step 3


Smooth Rough Edges

While the overall intended look of the lemonade stand is rustic, it’s best to smooth out the rough edges of the pallets. Use an orbital sander to remove any splinters or rough edges from each strip of wood.

Step 4


Add Footers

Stand the intact shipping pallet up along a flat, level floor surface. Create structural footers, one on each side of the upright standing pallet, by placing a discarded 5” or 6” wooden plank perpendicular to the pallet; fasten with a nail gun.

Step 5


Add Vertical Posts

Create vertical posts for each side of the shipping pallet to hold up the lemonade-stand sign. Use a strip of wood at least 4 feet tall so that the sign will be 7 feet above the ground. Attach the posts using a nail gun.

Step 6


Cut and Place Countertop

Use a circular saw to cut a strip of scrap plywood for the countertop surface (ours is 48” x 16”). Place the plywood perpendicular to the top of the shipping pallet, then secure it into place with a nail gun.

Step 7


Cut and Test-Fit Plywood Sign

Use tape measure to determine the span between the two vertical posts. Cut a scrap piece of plywood to that size. Hold up the cut plywood to make sure it fits properly.

Step 8


Antique Plywood Sign

Add character to the sign by giving it an aged look. Hold the spray-paint can approximately 8 inches from the surface of the wood, and move the can back and forth and spray in slow, controlled spurts. This will create a light mist to give you a whitewashed look.

Step 9


Paint Sign

Use a small paintbrush and acrylic art paint to add letters to the sign. For a layered, aged effect, use a 1-inch paintbrush to splatter a second color of paint on the sign.

Step 10


Attach Sign

Attach the painted sign to the vertical posts using a nail gun.