Step 1


Measure Inside of Drawer

Measure the width and length of the inside of the drawer.

Step 2


Cut Poplar Stock

Cut the poplar stock on the miter saw based on the length and width.

Step 3


Create Perimeter Box

Using the nail gun, secure the poplar stock together, creating a perimeter box to be placed inside the drawer.

Step 4

Cut One Piece of Poplar Stock

To add support and create compartments, measure and cut one piece of poplar stock to fit the width of the perimeter box.

Step 5


Attach Width Support

Nail the width support to the perimeter box in the center with the nail gun.

Step 6


Create Utensil Compartments

Measure and cut three pieces of the poplar stock to fit the length between the width support and the front of the perimeter box. Nail the utensil supports in place using the nail gun.

Step 7

Mark Height of Bottom Organizer

Place the bottom organizer into the drawer. Mark the height of the organizer on the back of the drawer above the organizer.

Step 8


Cut Back of Box

Using a jig saw, cut out the back of the box above the mark.

Step 9


Determine Width of Top Organizer

Place the drawer slides lengthwise on top of the bottom organizer. With them in place, measure the distance between the drawer slides to determine the width for the top drawer organizer.

Step 10

Build Top Perimeter Box

Measure and cut the poplar stock using the measurements for the length and width. Nail the top perimeter box together.

Step 11


Cut Luan

Measure and cut the luan to fit the back side of the top organizer perimeter.

Step 12


Attach Luan

Using a nail gun, nail the luan to the back side of the top organizer perimeter.

Step 13

Attach Drawer Slides

Use the screw gun and the provided screws to attach the drawer sides to the sides of the top organizer box (Image 1). Screw the drawer slides into place on the inside walls of the drawer (Image 2).

Step 14

Fill Drawer

Slide the top organizer into the drawer, and replace drawer into cabinet. Fill with utensils and mail.