Step 1

wine rack cut plywood

Cut Side Pieces for Unit

Begin with birch plywood cut at your desired height. Measure and cut both pieces of plywood to width. The width should be the length of one wine bottle or about 14 inches.

Step 2

Cut Back Piece

Measure the width of your PVC pipe and the thickness of your plywood. Add these amounts and cut a piece of plywood for the back at that width.

Step 3

wine rack assemble frame

Assemble Frame

Assemble box frame for wine rack using wood glue, following with screws.

Step 4

Cut Top and Bottom Pieces

Cut pieces of plywood to fit for top and bottom. Attach the top piece.

Step 5

wine rack cut pvc

Cut PVC Tubing

Using a miter saw, cut your PVC tubing into pieces the length of one wine bottle plus 1/4 inch.

Step 6

Attach PVC Tubes

Slip PVC tubes into the box (Image 1). Add the bottom piece of plywood (Image 2). Secure PVC tubes by screwing through the back piece using 1/2” screws.

Step 7

wine rack paint

Prime Unit

Prepare the wine rack for painting by filling the screw holes with putty and sanding the unit thoroughly. Paint with primer.

Step 8

wine rack chalk board paint

Apply Chalkboard Paint

After primer has dried, add a coat of chalkboard paint using a foam roller. Wait 24 hours before applying a second coat.

Step 9

wine rack wood trim

Add Finishing Trim

Finish the unit with pre-painted wood trim.