Light up your haunted house with these reusable, safe candles. They look as if they have been burning all night, dripping faux, waxy trails down the sides and pooling at the candle base. Grouping of different size candles or candles placed at different heights using mismatched candleholders is a great look for a haunted house or graveyard.

As an added bonus, these hot glue candles glow-in-the-dark when used with a black light.

Step 1

Cut Out Styrofoam

Position Tea Light

Position Tea Lights

Firmly press the PVC piece into a sheet of Styrofoam to make an impression. Use a serrated knife to cut out the Styrofoam circle.

Position a battery-operated tea light in the center of the Styrofoam and trace around edge with a marker. Use an X-acto knife to cut out the space (image below), without going all the way through, so the tea light can sit inside. The tea lights should remain removable for easy access to turn on and change the batteries when needed.

Step 2

Apply Hot Glue

Remove the tea light from the Styrofoam. Press the Styrofoam piece into the PVC tube and place a sheet of wax paper under the PVC. Hot glue does not stick to the wax paper. Begin applying hot glue to the PVC (candle) top and sides mimicking the way a real melted candle would look.

Step 3

Build Up Layers of Hot Glue

Conteinue Applying Hot Glue

Continue Applying Hot Glue

Continue building up the top edge and run the glue down the sides of the PVC. Let the glue cool in between layers to help build height.

Step 4

Stuff Styrofoam in to PVC

Making Tall Candles

Making Tall Candles

For taller candles, cut PVC pipe at an angle for the top candle ends. Stuff pieces of Styromfoam into the PVC until it is built up to almost the top.

Step 5

Cool Hot Glue with Ice Cuves

Cool Down Hot Glue

Cool Down Hot Glue

One way to help build height is to hold the freshly glued PVC upside down over a bowl of ice so it cools quickly. Keep PVC moving so the glue does not run off the PVC.

Step 6

Use Hot Glue to Make a Candle Base

Create a Base

Create a Base

For the bottom edge of candles without candle holders, place wax paper underneath the PVC before you start glueing. Let the hot glue pool at the base onto the wax paper. When the glue has dried, it will be easy to remove it from the wax paper.

Lynne and Shawn Mitchell have a website called How to Haunt Your House. They have also authored How to Haunt Your House books I and II.