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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Multi-purpose tool
Double-sided tape

Step 2

Planning Ahead

Collect tools and materials.

Use packaging as mat to protect floor.

Pro Tip

Flat pack furniture is a great bargain for a DIYer. Because it's easy to ship and store and there's no added assembly cost from the manufacturer, you get a lot of quality for less money.

A multi-purpose tool will simplify the job.

Step 3

Assembly Tips

Before assembling, lay out all parts in order in which you will need them.

Place screws and hardware next to piece they go into.

Tap in dowels with soft mallet to prevent damage to wood.

Trim excess edging with utility knife.

Use ratcheting bit driver with flexible shaft to turn screws in tight spots.

Pro Tip

Use double-sided tape to corral screws and hardware.