Fabric-Covered Beads

Wrap beads with fabric to make great-looking jewelry (the possibilities are practically endless).
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fabric wrapped beads are fahionable accents

fabric wrapped beads are fahionable accents

Fabric-Covered Beads

Materials and Tools:

large wooden beads
fabric scraps
Tacky Glue
bamboo skewer


1. Cut fabric scraps into a rough square shape; the length and width of the square should be slightly larger than dimension around the bead.

2. Coat the bead with glue. Roll the back of the fabric down the center of the bead, making sure not to cover the holes. Add an extra drop of glue to secure the ends. Trim away any excess fabric.

3. Apply glue to the bead holes and tuck the ends of the fabric into the holes using the pointed end of the skewer. Let the glue dry before stringing the beads.

Note: Beads with large holes work best for this technique, but the holes can still become plugged with fabric. When making a necklace, it’s easiest to string the beads onto a cord threaded through a needle.

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