Picture Labels

These adorable tags make it easy for kids to learn how to be neat and organized. To get started, gather your tools and materials and download the editable-tag file. If you want to convert the tags to labels, use 2-inch shipping labels instead of card stock or paper.

Step 1


Download, Edit and Print

After downloading the editable PDF file, enter the name of each item you plan to organize. Print out the tags. The text should be on the top portion of the tag, leaving space on the bottom for the kids to draw on.

Step 2


Let the Kids Have at It

Have the kids draw the items on each tag. For example, if you type "dolls" on the tag, they can draw a picture of a doll. This is a great way to encourage little ones who don't read yet to put items back where they belong by just looking at the pictures.

Step 3


Cut Out the Tags

Cut out the art-filled tags. Either punch holes in the top of the tags to loop string through, or cut off the tops of the tags to make them rectangular so they can be affixed to a bin.

Step 4


Fasten the Tag or Label to a Basket or Bin

Have the kids help put everything in its place with the new picture labels.