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Get mileage out of old denim by using pockets and inseams from old jeans to make a rugged denim-pocket bulletin board.
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recycle old jeans to make a denim bulletin board

recycle old jeans to make a denim bulletin board

Recycle old blue jeans into a denim-pocket bulletin board that's perfect for a kid's room.

Materials and Tools:

cork bulletin board with wood trim
old blue-jean pockets and inseams
piece of new denim to fit bulletin board
seam ripper
utility knife
glue gun and glue
spray adhesive
upholstery tacks


1. Cut a piece of dark new denim to fit the cork front of the bulletin board. Add about 1" all the way around to allow for trimming after the fabric is in place.

2. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the denim, and smooth in place on the cork. Use a utility knife to trim the edge of the fabric where it meets the wood trim. The trimmed edge will be covered, so don't worry if it's a bit ragged.

3. Use scissors or a seam ripper to remove the back pockets from old blue jeans. Cut as many as you'd like. Apply a line of hot glue along the back hem of each pocket, and hold in place on the bulletin board. Don't glue the pocket flat to the bulletin board; glue one side in place, then place your fingers inside the pocket and glue the other side in place so the pocket will have enough slack to hold pens and pencils.

4. Clip fabric inseams from old jeans and use as a border along the edge of the denim, where it meets the wood trim of the bulletin board. Insert upholstery tacks along the inseam border to hold it in place and give the look of rivets.

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