Step 1

Apply Paint to Walls with Plastic Bags

Roll Paint onto Plastic Bags and Apply to Walls

Roll the Mixture onto the Bags and Apply

For this project, we used:

  • latex paint in an eggshell sheen (base coat: Richmond Gold HC-41 and top coat: Maryville Brown HC-75), latex glaze (Studio Finishes 405) from Benjamin Moore
  • top-coat glaze: Special Effects translucent color glaze (Mocha) from McCloskey

Prepare the walls for painting; apply the base coat and let dry.

Mix one part Maryville Brown with one part water and one part glaze (Studio Finishes 405). Roll the mixture onto a scrunched-up plastic bag, and dab it lightly on the wall. Control the amount of paint on the bags, or it will drip. To avoid repeated patterns, move the bag around in your hands each time you add paint.

Don't apply too much pressure, or there won't be any texture. The idea is to keep the subtle contrast between the two colors, so don't overwork it. Use a dry brush to remove any excess paint on the walls. Let the walls dry completely.

Pro Tip

Always practice this technique on a sample board beforehand.

Foam rollers distribute paint more evenly than dipping the bag directly into the color.

Step 2

Apply Glaze to Walls

Carefully Apply Glaze to Walls with Foam Roller

Apply the Glaze

Carefully apply the Mocha glaze with a foam roller to bring the two colors together, and add lots of luster. Use a damp cheesecloth to smooth any dark edges the roller creates. Let dry.