"Cool Cube" Dorm Refrigerator

Update tired furniture with artistic designs and paint. Perfect for dorm rooms, this personalized mini fridge is just as cool on the outside as it is on the inside.
personalized mini fridge for dorm room

personalized mini fridge for dorm room

Materials and Tools:

coarse-grit sandpaper
clean rag or towel
low tack painter's tape
three shades of semigloss latex paint
round objects to use as circle tracers


1. Lightly sand the outer front and sides of the refrigerator. Rub the refrigerator with a clean rag or towel to remove any dust.

2. Tape off any hardware or trim with low-tack painter's tape.

3. Prime, allow the primer to dry and apply a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry. The primer will help the paint adhere to the plastic surface and prevent flakes and peels.

4. Paint the entire refrigerator with the medium shade of paint. Allow the first coat to dry and add a second coat. Allow the base coat to dry for about 3 days so that it completely cures.

5. Use round objects, such as mixing bowls, pots and pans, to trace overlapping circles on the refrigerator in pencil.

6. Apply the lightest and darkest shades of latex paint to the appropriate portions of the design. Allow the paint to dry and apply another coat. Allow the paint to cure for three days

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