Colorful Accents for a Playroom

When decorating a playroom, take a tip from the child's interests while choosing furniture and accessories for the area.
choosing furniture and accessories for playroom

choosing furniture and accessories for playroom

Shelving is a great way to reclaim floor space. One option is to use a row of small white bookcases along a short wall, as a way to house books, games, stuffed animals and favorite toys. When housed in this capacity, the book jackets of favorite books and colorful toys act as artwork along the wall. When purchasing shelving for a playroom, make sure they are tall enough to accommodate the items your children will be storing, and if they feel even slightly flimsy to you, anchor them to the wall studs of the room. If shelves are not an option, see-through containers keep mess to a minimum and make it easy for children to find their favorite toys.

Paint an old video cabinet white to match the bookcases. It will hold all the video equipment, plus video games and movies.

Recover a futon in a bold striped fabric. It is an easy to care for, washable, cotton duck fabric, and the striped pattern helps hide small accidents that are certain to happen in a playroom.

Add a bright beanbag close to the futon, so the children will have lots of room to entertain friends for games and movies. Since this one is square, it can also serve as a handy snack table. Also add interesting lighting, such as a paper star lamp.

In the arts and crafts area, colorful, place interlocking foam rug mats under a table and four chairs. With these in place, if paint is spilled, it is easy either to clean it up or to simply replace a section of the mat. A white wall shelf close to the table can hold crafts materials, on display but out the way until needed.

Attach a painted 1x4 to the wall, with industrial clips attached to hooks, giving the kids an instant display area for artwork, photos and those very important birthday-party invitations. Use inexpensive frames to display the created masterpieces.

Hang colorful fabrics in contrasting colors from decorative black iron rods over the window shades, creating a jazzy, open-style valance. Many shade styles offer cordless options, which are great for both child and pet safety.

Consider adding a stage area with has a coat rack for handy access to costumes. Framed wallpaper samples can hang on the back wall of the stage. This is both visual and inexpensive, plus it can be easily changed to compliment the next production. Finally, a full-length stage curtain should hang from a very strong iron rod, giving the actress privacy to study her lines or change her costume.

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