Bottle-Cap Jewelry

If you've been throwing away bottle caps, stop right now. Here's how to make a pendant from a bottle cap -- or you can link a series of caps together to create a longer pendant or a charm bracelet.
recycle bottle caps into pendant or charm bracelet

recycle bottle caps into pendant or charm bracelet

Bottle-Cap Jewelry

Materials and Tools:

bottle caps
small images
1" circle punch
Diamond Glaze
tacky Glue
rubber mallet
small nail
wooden board
jump rings
jewelry pliers
necklace base


Place each bottle cap, ridge side down, on the wooden board. Flatten with the rubber mallet. Repeat with as many caps as you need.

Single Pendant

1. Punch one hole through the flattened rim of each bottle cap with a nail and a hammer. If you want to link caps together, punch two holes (top and bottom).

2. Use the 1" circle punch to cut the image into a circle. Glue the image to the to the inside of the bottle cap and allow to dry. Make sure the image is facing up, toward the punched hole.

4. Seal the image with a thick coating of Diamond Glaze and allow it to dry following the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Repeat the process with as many bottle caps as you need.

6. To make a single pendant, use jewelry pliers to attach a jump ring through the punched hole and slide onto a necklace base. To make a linked pendant, use jewelry pliers and jump rings to link the bottle caps together and attach a jump ring at the top; slide onto a necklace base.

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