Accessorize With Bold Color

Design lively kitchens, soothing bathrooms and more by tapping into the color of your emotions.

Stimulating Orange



Hungry for color? Orange stimulates creativity and appetite, making it a natural choice for kitchens. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Calming Blue



Calm blue perks up with welcoming yellow, creating a no-brainer color scheme for a restful bathroom. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Go for the Gold



Skip terra-cotta shades and go for gold, a shade that balances well with green. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Sleek Silver



Go sleek with silver in the kitchen and bold shots of red, right down to cooking utensils and spice containers. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Green Focal Point



Play up white by adding a bright focal point -- especially fresh when it's an eye-popping green. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Lively Red



Intimate spaces like bathrooms do well with red, the most daring and lively hue of the color wheel. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Cool Colors



Violets paired with cooling blues in a breakfast nook help ease you into the day. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

Happy Hues



Citrus green paired with turquoise sparkles as a happy color scheme that never goes out of style. (Photo by Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil)

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