8 Inventive Ways to Repurpose Sculptural Urns

How to give forgotten urns a second chance


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Written by Lisa Yakomin
Produced By and Styled by Donna Talley
Photographed by Michael Partenio

Even if you don't have a green thumb, it's worth a trip to your local garden center to dig up one of the most versatile home accessories to come from the garden: decorative urns. Originally intended to hold potted plants, garden urns come in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials that make them ideal for repurposing indoors. Cast-iron, ceramic or cement planters offer durability and strength, while lightweight plastic versions provide flexibility and style for those on a budget. You can also find great bargain urns at home centers, flea markets and discount stores. Transforming them is simple, using creative paint finishes and scrap materials. Here are a few fresh ideas for urns that will have you blooming with pride.

Place a round of painted plywood atop an inexpensive planter to create an Elegant End Table, perfect for a sitting area or living room. Paint the table pale yellow or cream, then apply a bronze glaze to the bas relief portions of the urn to accentuate the pretty raised designs.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


A spray-on aged finish instantly gives this lightweight plastic faux cement urn a sturdy, rustic look, perfect as an Ice and Beverage Bucket for your next outdoor party.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Lined with a remnant of burlap, this antique urn makes a stylish Magazine Holder, adding character and charm to any home library.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Forget the office-supply store and organize your home workspace with mini-urns instead. These small ceramic pieces provide handy desktop storage to keep paper clips and other supplies within easy reach.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Add a warm glow to a shelf or sideboard with creative candleholders. Be sure to use fireproof ceramic or cast-iron urns filled with glass marbles for stability and safety.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Protect floor surfaces from water damage on rainy days with a sophisticated and stylish Umbrella Caddy. Two coats of waterproof white, accented by black scroll handles, lend a decorative touch to the foyer.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Keep towels, bath supplies and other necessities close at hand with this customized Towel Holder. The decorative band was painted along the bottom of the planter to coordinate with the towels and bath decor.

Photographer: Michael Partenio


Tame your kitchen clutter beautifully with ceramic urns in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can hold everything from utensils to dish towels to pantry staples, providing chic, sensible storage.

Photographer: Michael Partenio

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