4 Christmas Tree Alternatives If You're Short on Space and Cash

Got a tiny apartment or a tight budget? Check out these festive holiday trees that take up little room and cost next to nothing.

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Nature "Tree"

You don’t need an entire tree to spread holiday cheer in your home. A simple arrangement of faux or real branch clippings becomes an elegant and modern way to display nature-inspired ornaments. 

Step 1: Nature "Tree"

Hold the branches perpendicular to each other. Bind them by wrapping the cross section tightly with leather cord. 

Step 2: Nature "Tree"

For a different look, feel free to use any sort of sturdy twine or yarn you’d like. Tie a knot the cord in a knot when the branches have been bound tightly.

Step 3: Nature "Tree"

You’ll need two vases or decorative pails to act as stands for your branches. Fill them with stones or marbles to anchor the arrangements.

Step 4: Nature "Tree"

Simply fill clear glass or plastic ornaments with moss to create your own terrariums. These ornaments enhance the arrangement’s rustic tones.

Step 5: Nature "Tree"

In order to really fill out this outdoorsy display, you’ll need some smaller air plants and thread.

Step 6: Nature "Tree"

Tie each ornament and plant on to your main branch, spacing them a few inches apart.  Varying heights will add visual interest.

An Arrangement of Greens

Another way to repurpose clippings is to arrange them in a vase. Crisp ball ornaments give this centerpiece a modern, fresh look.

Book Tree

If you’re more of a bookworm, consider using washi tape to attached some pages to the wall. Start with the edges to make the shape of the tree and then fill in the rest.

Book Tree

Two pine branches give the piece a wintery feel. Simply tie them together with decorative cording and use a pushpin holds it in place. 

Jewelry Tree

There’s no need to buy ornaments when you’ve already got some sparkle at home. Small trees can be beautifully decorated with costume jewelry.

Jewelry Tree

What a charming way to show off your bauble and bling collection. An eclectic alternative to a traditionally trimmed tree. 

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