One Room, Three Ways

Small changes yield big results in this dining room makeover.


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Written by Allison Lind
Styled by Gina Provenzano
Photographed by Jeff McNamara

With the right basic pieces you can mix up any room’s style as the mood strikes. Ty’s new Costa del Mar dining room furniture for Sears, with its straight lines, sleek finish and brushed metal legs, provides the perfect foundation to do just that. You can decorate in Ty Style with lime green, or go exotic in turquoise, or eclectic in aubergine. In any setting, his furniture proves that by simply swapping accessories, you have endless options for dressing up a room to fit your personality. You could say it’s versaTYle!

Citrus green and bright orange are Ty’s favorite colors, and make a jazzy combo that complements the warm tone of his furniture. Assorted reclaimed frames are given a new finish and become affordable, and unique, wall decor. Ty’s accessories, including a bamboo rug, add an earthy vibe, while punches of white brighten the space.

Photographer: Jeff McNamara



Just-cut fronds make awesome place mats and bring a bit of nature to the table; their color plays well off the earthy tone of Ty’s Square dinnerware in Lemon Grass. Orange linens tie into other hits of orange in the room, while orchids floating in clear vases offer a fresh touch.

Photographer: Jeff McNamara



An overall palette of turquoise and a mixture of cheery patterns on the wall and floor keep this look stylish and fun. Small bursts of bright yellow add extra flair. The wall decals are a fun solution to wallcovering—change them out for a new look as the mood strikes.

Photographer: Jeff McNamara



A new twist on takeout—create a centerpiece by slipping a vase of flowers or a small potted plant in a to-go box. When dinner is over, it can double as a parting gift for guests.

Photographer: Jeff McNamara



Black and white is always a striking combo, but adding a big punch of purple makes the scene pop. Go with a warmer hue, such as berry instead of lavender, to complement the wood furniture. Homemade artwork—simple silhouette drawings of everyday items in black frames—is a graphic (and affordable) option for the walls.

Photographer: Jeff McNamara



Instead of overwhelming the table with flowers, flank a single bouquet with vases filled with colored water (food coloring does the job). For a personal addition to the table setting, make place mats from black-and-white copies of snapshots printed on tabloid-size paper—cool trick!

Photographer: Jeff McNamara

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