Bold Bling

Both boys and girls love colorful bracelets. Have them make their own creations using a variety of decorative tapes. We have three different methods to choose from.

Step 1


Bend Wire

Use a glass jar to bend the electrical wire into a circle large enough to fit over your wrist.

Step 2


Custom Fit

Use wire cutters to snip to length.

Step 3


Full Circle

Push the ends of the wire together until they touch, and secure with a small piece of duct or washi tape.

Step 4


Line the Inside

Cut a piece of washi tape the length of the bracelet. Keeping the wire in the middle, press the tape along the inside of the ring.

Step 5


Wrap Around

Carefully add another piece of washi tape to the outside of the bracelet, joining the two sticky sides. Do this twice to add extra sturdiness.

Step 6


Pinch Together

Using your fingertips, pinch the edges of the tape together, allowing the wire to bulge in the middle.

Step 7


Make a Triple-Band Bracelet

Make three wire circles and tape the ends together.

Step 8


Wrap Vertically

Using your fingers as a support, space the three rings apart. Wrap the washi tape across and under the three bands to cover both sides.

Step 9


Work in Sections

Using smaller pieces of washi, wrap one section at a time around the bracelet, making sure the wires stay separated.

Step 10


Wide Bangle

Work around the bracelet until the wires are covered. Add several more layers of tape to create a thicker bangle.

Step 11


Make a Duct Tape Bracelet

Cut the wire to size and place in the middle of a piece of duct tape with an extra inch on each end.

Step 12



Cut a thinner piece of duct tape that is slightly shorter than the wire. Lay it on top of the wire, centered on top of the original piece of tape. Fold the exposed side edges, and do the same on one end.

Step 13


Two-Toned Tape

Turn the bracelet over and add a long strip of washi tape to the center of the duct tape.

Step 14


Bend and Shape

Bend the wire to shape the bracelet. To complete the circle, press the sticky side to the completed end.

Step 15


Tape Pattern

Using the washi tape, cut a small vertical piece to place over the seam. Continue the pattern around the band at 1-inch intervals.