Spoon Pendant

This necklace relies on the "business end" of spoons, transforming a simple serving spoon into the base for a stylish pendant that also includes either an old earring or brooch.

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silver serving spoon transformed into piece of art

silver serving spoon transformed into piece of art

Photo by: Lucie Rowe

Lucie Rowe

Materials and Tools:

rotary tool with cutoff wheel or a hacksaw
safety glasses and gloves
drill or drill press
drill bit suitable for use on metal
awl and hammer
old decorative earrings or brooches
2-part epoxy resin
bowl of sand or uncooked rice


1. Choose a spoon to serve as the base for the pendant. Since this project won’t involve heating, you can use gold-plated spoons for this project.

2. Secure the spoon – handle out – in a vise. Don’t tighten the vise so much that you distort the shape of the spoon’s bowl.

3. Cut away the handle using a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel; a hacksaw also will work. You can cut the handle off flush with the spoon’s bowl, or leave a short stem. Safety Alert: Always wear safety glasses and gloves when cutting metal. Also, don’t touch freshly cut metal – it can be extremely hot.

4. Smooth the cut edge with a rotary tool with a wire wheel; you also can sand it by hand.

5. You will be drilling a small hole in the stem or base of the spoon to attach it to a necklace chain. Determine the position of the hole and use an awl and hammer to make a small indentation at that spot to help guide the drill.

6. Drill the hole using a drill press, rotary tool or hand drill. Make sure to use a drill bit suitable for use on metals.

7. Choose an old earring or brooch – or just part of one – to mount in the spoon pendant. Position the item in the bowl of the spoon, then nestle the spoon in the bowl of sand or rice. This will hold the spoon steady while the epoxy resin dries.

8. Mix enough 2-part epoxy resin to fill the bowl of the spoon. The resin is available at home improvement or hobby stores. Use an old plastic cup or other disposable container to mix the resin, and follow all package directions. You may want to mix glitter or tiny beads in with the resin.

9. Make sure the spoon is steady in the rice or sand bed and check the position of the earring or brooch embellishment. When everything’s in place, slowly pour the epoxy resin into the spoon.

10. Let the project dry for at least 24 hours, then use jump rings to attach it to a necklace chain.

11. You can substitute crystal clear glaze for the epoxy resin in this project. However, the glaze must be added in multiple layers; check the package instructions for details.

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