How to Make a Felt Marquee Letter Board

Learn how to make an old-school style message board with changeable letters.

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Felt boards are the new message station. Display positive affirmations, tonight’s dinner menu or fun family banter; it's totally up to you. No need to stick with the traditional black and white version you get at the office supply store. DIY your own felt board in any color, shape and style of frame you want. The only boundaries are the size of your letters., the color of the felt and style of frame.

Measure your letter size. Most are standard, but there are some variances. These letters were 3/4”.

Cork board with foam backing will act as the sections of the felt board that the letters will stick into it. Measure and mark 1/2" lines on foam cork board. This will give a little extra space for the felt in between.

Use a utility knife and a straight edge to cut the foam board into strips. How many strips you will need will depend on the size of your frame.

On the felt, measure double the amount of lines that there are pieces of foam board. Each extra inch of felt will fold between the pieces of board.

Glue the foam board to every other stripe you measured in the felt.

Pinch pieces of felt together and glue extra felt strips to sides of foam board. This should create the felt board effect.

Push foam board and felt into frame.  

Trim excess felt around the edges and add back to frame.

What will you write on your new DIY felt board?

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