Step 1


Prep Basket and Measure Poster Board

Use a utility knife to cut off the bottom of the basket. Cut it along the perforations where the plastic is thinner than the solid base. Measure the height of the basket from underneath the rim and then cut the black poster board to that size.

Step 2


Attach Poster Board

Wrap the black poster board around the drum of the basket and attach it using tape or a glue gun.

Step 3


Cover the Rim of the Basket

To cover the basket's top rim, cut a thin strip of black poster board and use a glue gun to attach it to the basket.

Step 4


Make the Handle

To make the mug's handle, draw a semicircle on a piece of cardboard or the white poster board then cut out the shape.

Step 5


Cover the Handle

Cover the handle with the remaining black poster board. Attach it to the cup with glue or tape.

Step 6


Make the Marshmallows

Cut the batting into 5-inch squares.

Step 7


Make the Marshmallows

Cut the white poster board into 4-inch strips. Cut each strip along the width to make equal pieces. Roll each piece into a tube and staple the ends to secure. Lay the paper tube on top of a piece of batting and roll the batting around the paper.

Step 8


Secure Batting to Paper

Tuck the ends of the batting into the tube and secure with tape or hot glue.

Step 9


Fill the Cup

Cut the taffeta fabric lengthwise in half. Glue along the inner rim of basket. For a flowy, frothy look, glue bunches of the fabric to the same spot and be sure to cover the entire rim loosely. Tape or glue the marshmallows onto the fabric and the basket.

Step 10


Decorate the Cup

If you wish, add a pattern to the cup. We used a circle cutter to make about 30 polka dots for our cup.