Turn your kids' favorite meal into a Halloween costume. 

Step 1


Remove the Bottom of the Basket

Place the basket upside down and cut off the bottom and the extra spokes. Have your child step into the basket to ensure it fits comfortably around their waist.

Step 2


Paint Poster Boards

Paint two poster boards with blue paint for the container. Paint the third poster board yellow for the macaroni. Paint the brim of basket in the same shade of blue. Let everything dry for at least an hour.

Step 3


Cut Poster Board to Size

Measure the height of the basket from the base to just below the brim and then cut the two blue poster boards to that size.

Step 4


Wrap the Basket

Attach the two pieces of poster board together with a stapler. Then wrap them around the drum of the basket and secure with clear packing tape.

Step 5


Get a Tight Fit

Make sure to attach the poster board so it conforms to the shape of the basket. Add extra tape to the inside if needed. You can paint or adhere the logo of your favorite mac 'n' cheese brand, or leave the container blank like we did.

Step 6


Make the Macaroni

For the pasta, cut the yellow poster board lengthwise in long strips and then cut into 5-inch squares. Roll each square into a tube and staple the ends to hold the shape.

Step 7


Adhere Macaroni

When you have made enough pasta, set up a workspace with a glue gun, the basket and the T-shirt. Glue the pasta tubes to the shirt and to the basket.

Step 8


Finish Gluing Then Try On for Size

After all pasta is glued on, create shoulder straps by looping ribbon or string through perforated grooves on two opposite sides of basket. Slip into basket first and then the shirt. Pull the shirt down to cover the brim of basket.