Inspiration for DIY Bottle Trees

Bottle trees are a whimsical addition to your outdoor decor. Get inspired to make your own bottle tree using salvaged and upcycled materials.
By: Michelle Reynolds and Bob Farley
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Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PHOTO.ORG, Bob Farley

Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PHOTO.ORG, Bob Farley

Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PHOTO.ORG, Bob Farley

Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PHOTO.ORG, Bob Farley

Photo By: BOB FARLEY/F8PHOTO.ORG, Bob Farley

Bottles on Rebar

A simple version of a bottle tree is to sink rebar in the ground and slip your favorite bottles on top.

Blue Bottles

Haint blue bottles are often the bottles of choice. This color is a universal theme in superstitions dealing with spirits and is meant to ward off evil spirits.

A 15-Foot Bottle Tree

This metal-form bottle tree stands at least 15 feet tall in the front yard of a residential neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Bottletree Cafe and Bar

You can get a close-up look at several bottle trees at The Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama. While you are there, eat lunch, dinner or see a band too.

A Bottle Tree at Bottletree

One of a few at The Bottletree Cafe and Bar, this bottle tree stands on the porch.

Another Bottle Tree at Bottletree

An intricately designed bottle tree stands out in front of the green wall of The Bottletree.

Bottle Trees in a Whimsical Garden

A daybed sits among a whimsical garden with bottles on rebar, pipe planters, sculpture and flamingoes.

Bottle Trees in Southern Vernacular Garden

A funky mix of chimney flue planters, flamingoes, metal art, concrete edging, and a rebar version of a bottle tree is arranged in front of brightly painted doors. The garden pays homage to Southern vernacular style.

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